Local Dimension Finder Page


LocalDimFinder is a Module for Bertini


Facts in brief:


Software and manual:

·       LocalDimFinderApple_v1.0.tar.gz (Apple version, 2.6 MB)

·       LocalDimFinderLinux64_v1.0.tar.gz (Linux 64-bit version, 2.9 MB)

·       LocalDimFinderLinux32_v1.0.tar.gz (Linux 32-bit version, 2.8 MB)

·       LocalDimFinderWindows32_v1.0.zip (Windows version using Cygwin, 2.3 MB)

·       MechanismMobilityExamples.zip (example systems using zip, 8KB: see the article)

·       MechanismMobilityExamples.tar.gz (example systems using .tar.gz, 4KB: see the article)

·       LocalDimFinder.pdf (user's manual)


Maintained by Andrew J. Sommese/ sommese@nd.edu /revised May 21, 2010