Hotel InformationUniversity of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame
June 5: Plenary Talks
Location: McKenna Hall Auditorium
- Mike McCarthy, UC Irvine
- Alexander Morgan, General Motors (retired)
- Manfred Husty, University of Innsbruck
- Andrew Sommese, University of Notre Dame

June 6: Plenary Talks and Banquet
Location: McKenna Hall Auditorium
- Haijun Su, Ohio State University
- Mark Verbrugge, General Motors
- Tim Kelley, North Carolina State University
- Danny Baker, General Motors

Banquet in Morris Inn Banquet Room

June 7: Poster Session
Location: Surrounding the globe in Hurley Hall
9:30 - 11:30 am
All attendees are strongly encouraged to present a poster.
Prizes will be awarded for top poster entries.